Lisa's first “hands on” with clay was around the age of 8 or 9. Art classes included hand-built pottery, sculpture, drawing and painting. College focused Lisa on a path for creative work. With a BFA in graphic design and visual communication, Lisa embarked on her professional journey; first in printing, then into the tradeshow industry. This lead to a marketing position at Proctor and Gamble.  The compelling need for a more imaginative pursuit resulted in her discovery of the tile industry. 

In 1993, as a first-time tile showroom manager and designer, the fine arts, graphic design and clay training was immediately useful to understanding the manufacturing process of tile; along with the intrinsic features, strengths and innumerable applications of tile. Post graduate courses in architectural studies and interior design prepared her more fully for a tile career focused on designing tiled spaces, showroom consultation, tile training forstaff and colleagues, tile marketing and sales.  

International exposure to tile related events and factory trips brought Lisa up to speed on the world-wide tile scene, while she worked on tile product development projects for a variety of manufacturers. In 1999, Lisa took on U.S. sales agency responsibility for Sannini Impruneta, a Florence based producer of terracotta tiles, architectural products, landscape elements and planters. This assignment required extensive travel, architectural and design presentations, training seminars for tile importers and distributor sales staff, US marketing and tradeshow management.