Which type of tile to employ, what colors to use where and which sizes; coordinating field tile with decorative elements, selecting and placing proper trim pieces. All of these choices can make or break the aesthetics of a tile project. The wrong grout color can ruin an otherwise beautiful tile installation.

In addition to expert consultation in our showroom, with trademark attention to design and finishing trim, we help you select appropriate types of tile and design your tile installation with you to achieve attractive, highly functional and personalized tile surfaces.  

Another distinguishing factor is the attention we pay to the finer details. It's what makes our tile installations different and special. We think through our tile installations; beginning on the first visit with you, during the product selection and design process, while planning the layout and during the installation.

This attitude toward the process serves our clients well. Genuine concern for producing the best possible tile design and installation guides us to the best possible result.


Studio Tile works very well with Interior Designers, offering various levels of service. In fact, we truly enjoy working with other creative professionals! It's great fun. Our showroom is open for Designers to peruse product lines, work on projects, shop with clients or entrust their clients entirely to our good care. Our Tile Installation Designer has a degree in fine arts, graphic design and visual communication, along with 25 years committed exclusively to tile installation design and tile showroom management.

We can execute plans and artwork based on an interior designer’s concept or develop the concept entirely while collaborating with the interior designer and his or her overall plan for the owner’s space.

Upscale Builders, Remodeling Contractors and Tile Installers regularly send clients to Studio Tile for expert assistance in product selection and design. Often, Studio Tile is relied upon for challenging, unusual and complicated tile projects. Contractors are welcome to send their clients to us for help. We recommend calling ahead for an appointment.